Nathan Woodburn

About Me

Hi, I'm Nathan Woodburn and I live in Canberra.
I run Nathan 3D Printing Service.
I do CAD modeling using Fusion 360.
I Program Windows 10 Application using C#.
I make stuff with Arduinos.

My Other Websites

Nathan 3D Printing Service

Cheap 3D Printing and CAD Modeling Service in Canberra.

NJW Apps

C# Programmed Windows 10 Applications

ANU Autonomous Rover

An autonomous maze solving rover made for an ANU extension course project in engineering.

My Projects

Weather Station

Weather Station using an ESP8266 and a 1.44" TFT LCD Screen to display the weather forecast.

Fish Feeder

Automatic Fish Feeder using an ESP8266 and a stepper motor. This can be controlled by either pressing a button or using Google Assistant.